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About Dushanbe City

maxresdefault (1).jpgThe peaceful and green city

Large enough to find plenty to do, but still small enough to run into people you know, Dushanbe is an idyllic industrial, calm, cultural and educational city…

With the estimated population of one million people, Dushanbe is Tajikistan’s largest city and its capital. Located in the central part of Tajikistan Dushanbe City stands on the picturesque and fertile Gissar valley at the height of 880 meters above the sea level. Dushanbe city is a large industrial center of the Republic of Tajikistan. A lot of cotton and silk drapery is made in Dushanbe. More than 90 industrial enterprises are located in Dushanbe. Basic industrial areas are located in southwestern, partially in northern and eastern part of city. Some light and environmentally friendly industries are established within residential areas.

The grid of housing estates is small. The central part of city coincides with the landscape of Varzob River left-bank terrace. Both administrative and cultural centers of Dushanbe are located here. The basic element of city's architectural composition was Varzob River with picturesque green areas along riverbanks. Surrounded by on all sides by woods and scenic areas, in Dushanbe, you live in a “green city”, awarded the most environmentally sustainable city in Central Asia.

maxresdefault (1).jpgDushanbe proves its authentically great history as archeological findings confirm the ancient history of Dushanbe settlement and diversity of its culture. The status of city was granted to Dushanbe in 1925. Until 1930, there were only 13 streets. Presently, Dushanbe city consists of more than 270 streets; about 20 inhabited housing estates; 104 microrayons and 4 administrative areas. The main street is Rudaki Avenue, with a lot of monuments, memorial and office buildings. There are 128 kindergartens, 90 middle schools, 11 colleges and 15 universities with 50 thousand students. A lot of hospitals, stadiums and health centers are also located here. 

Dushanbe is the scientific, intellectual and entertaining center of the republic. There are many swimming pools, restaurants with rich assortment of dishes, and Casino International. You can visit a gallery or a historic museum, go to cinemas or theatres, and have a fun in amusement parks. Your diary will be full of festivals and different appealing traditional national celebrations.Marking the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Tajikistan, the government of the Republic of Tajikistan has conducted an extensive campaign on modernizing the city. Along with the series of modern and luxury hotels, business centers and apartment buildings with the consent of the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon the symbols of Tajik nation were raised for the eyes of Tajik people. The 165-meter (541-fetet) Tajik National Flagpole was mounted in the downtown of Dushanbe becoming the world's tallest unsupported flagpole. Besides the flagpole, the statue of the National Coat of Arms was booked its place in the picturesque scenery of Dushanbe City. 


 Dushanbe is a modern, lively and cultural city with dozens of places to shop, to eat, and to enjoy marvelous time in fascinating heart of Central Asia “green city” – Dushanbe.

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