Why DIS?

One of the best school in Tajikistan, and you can join us.

Dushanbe International School is consistently and increasingly benchmarked for the superiority of its curriculum and remarkable results at various national and international contests (Olympiads).

DIS deserved high status in Tajikistan and justifies its prestige creating magnificent conditions for students who study in. As our reputation grows so will the strength of your diploma in the eyes of future Universities worldwide. A social, shared, environmental and global outlook. At DIS we take up the philosophy of international assistance and friendship regardless of different nation, religion and gender. Students are fostered in the warm atmosphere of respect and hospitable attitudes to each other. Our school gives ability to be introduced with different cultures through communication with people of diverse nations. The school maintains the balance between historic traditions, ethical values and modern, democratic notion. There are various social clubs at school where students can express their opinions and realize their potential. DIS is a gateway to the world’s best universities.

Keeping contact with many foreign embassies and preparing students for internationally recognized examinations such as ibtTOEFL, SAT, ACT and IGCSE, AS LEVELS our school gives you a magnificent opportunity to study abroad. Through investigation, learning and understanding, we discover new ideas and insights day after day. You can wisely use the indispensable experience you’ve got at the school abroad for your own advantage. At DIS, we are your gateway into the world of high-status universities, connecting you to knowledge and a worldwide network of other international students with shared global ambitions.