Admission Procedure

You should get relevant information about the school from the admission office.

Complete the Application form(new) and follow the six steps of admission procedure in the form.

Assessment of the student’s level will be done:

  • Academic records of previous school
  • English exam
  • Maths exam
  • An interview

You will be able to have the results of assessment by visiting the admission office or calling to the admission officer after a day from the examination.

The final decision of admission is done by the commission headed by the school Director..

The following documents must be submitted to the School after admission.

  • A completed letter of application addressed to the Principal
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • 2 passport size color photo.
  • Student files from the previous school
  • Employment certificate showing where the parents work.
  • A certificate showing where you live (Passport photocopy for the foreigners).
  • Student health record (Form 063, 026 and Certificate of Contact)

After completing the six steps admission procedure in the application form the student will be able to join the relevant class during the education year.

*** The school admits students and administers its programs without discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, or ethnicity.