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Kindergarten Curriculum

Being the branch of DIS network kindergarten pursuits pre-school program. All classes are conducted in English which serves as a common tongue among teachers and pupils.
Kindergarten student
Kindergarten teachers give priority to learning English and fostering good demeanor in children. 
kindergarten pupil

However, children are also provided a chance to learn other languages such as Turkish or Russian. At the kindergarten children study such lessons as Elementary Arithmetic, Arts, Music, Physical Education, Science, English Phonics, English Spelling, English Memory and Rhyme, English Handwriting and English Speaking. The teachers also allot some time for Story Time, Behavior Lesson and Activity Time. The DIS kindergarten functions Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 16:30 p.m. The type and length of lessons vary regarding of the group age.

kindergarten pupil

Pupils attend five lessons interfered by Breakfast Time (30-40 minutes), Play Time (20-30 minutes) and Lunch Time (40 minutes). Some of the teachers also use Play Time to review lessons with those pupils who experience difficulties while perceiving information during the lessons. Teachers at kindergarten strive to combine games with lessons finding a particular approach to every child.

          kindergarten pupil