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Kindergarten Facilities

The DIS kindergarten possesses all indispensible equipment for the convenience of the children and their parents. The playground has a number of recreational objects such as swings and mini-castles.

kindergarten building 

An attractive little fountain is located on the right side of the playground. Extensive flowerbeds and trees on the left side add more appeal to the overall view of the playground. The security office is located right next to the entrance gate securing safety for the children. The lanterns are accurately set around the vicinity of kindergarten and provide light when needed.


  The kindergarten building consists of three floors and a basement. In the entrance hall there is a long row of little cases where children put their belongings. Most classes take place in three classes which are located on the second floor of the building. A big hall serves as a playground for the children during Play Time. The hall is decorated by the children’s works and contains little boxes for storing learning materials. There also are different sort of toys children use during Play Time. Big luster with many bulbs provides good light conditions while a climate control machine supplies the hall with needed temperature. The classes are equipped with personal computers for the teachers, HD TV monitors, loudspeakers, bookshelves, cupboards, desks, boards and all other indispensable learning materials.

 Several plastic windows in each classroom secure good light conditions inside protect from cold or interfering noise if closed. Each classroom has an air conditioner and a heater for regulating temperature during different seasons. The teachers’ room is also located on the second floor and is equipped with required technical materials such as photocopy machine, personal computer and other stuff. kindergarten teachersA music room is located on the first floor. The music room has a wide space and provides a favorable atmosphere for performing arts. The music teacher Nina Bobokalonova uses a piano and an electric composer during her classes. Music room also contains some toys and mini-castles for class activities. On the left side from the music room there is a doctor’s office which is equipped with all necessary medical supplies needed for a quick medical treatment of a child. On the right side of the music room there is a large dining room used for serving breakfast and lunch for the children and staff. The kindergarten staff always keeps the dining room in clean and neat conditions. The third floor of the kindergarten building is reserved for the dormitory. The DIS administration is planning to open a dormitory for the children. According to the plan, the pupils will be able to stay after lessons and have a daytime nap in the dormitory. 

kindergarten inside

 The repair work has already been completed and the beds have been purchased. The kindergarten’s basement is the home of the kitchen. The dressing rooms for the staff and a food storage room are also located in the basement. The kitchen reflects all the sanitary standards and is equipped with refrigerators, microwave ovens, cooking and stove ovens, washing sinks and other facilities needed to supply the children with fresh and tasty meals.

 The kindergarten also provides transportation for the children. The administration of DIS hires a minivan for carrying children to and from the kindergarten.


     kindergarten pupil kindergarten dining room