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DIS Celebrates English Week 2016- a success

DIS Celebrates English Week 2016- a success	14 Nov 2016

DIS Celebrates English Week 2016- a success        


As part of its tradition to encourage student’s engagement in creative and educational pursuits, DIS celebrates its annual English Week festival with huge success. The celebration was opened by Shanova Mansurova of 11A under the supervision of Mr. Musa, English Language teacher.

Students from grades eight to eleven worked and collaborated in different events such as the slogan and poster-making contest, collaborative writing, debate, and project presentation competition. The said activities were held after classes from Monday, 14th of November to Friday the 18th.

One of the major highlights of the weeklong celebration is the Spelling Bee competition held in the front yard of the school where about 30 student- contestants battled head to head to spell a word to qualify to the next round and be the champion of the champions. Sreeja Nag and Firuz Sharipov, both from 9C, defeated all the other contestants that lead them to a nerve- rocking final round where Firuz emerged as this year’s Bee champion! Mr. Belben Gaspar, the head of the English Language Department was the Bee Master.

According to Mr. Murat, our vice principal, most of the students and teachers alike agreed that this year’s English Week celebration is a great success and that the students had fun. Games were played during the school break where students engaged in crossword puzzles, 4-pic-1 word puzzles, and Ms. Malika’s version of the popular TV game called ‘Name that Tune’.

In culmination to the event, prizes and certificates were awarded to all participants and winners on Saturday, 26 November.

The list of events and winners are as follows.



Slogan & Poster-Making Contest

1st Place: Mubina Faryniarz & Nozanin Samadova 10C

2nd Place: Sarvinoz Mahmudova & Farida Koch 10A

3rd Place: Aziza Jurabaeva & Shukrona Asadova 8B

Spelling Bee

Firuz Sharipov 9C


Grade 8 & 9

Firuz Sharipov 9C

Sreeja Nag 9C

Ritvik Verma 9C




Suhrob Hamdamov 10A

Omina Abdullo 10A

Farida Koch 10A

Collaborative Writing

1st Place: Omina Abdullo & Sitora Davlatova 10A

2nd Place: Amina Khaknazarova & Sreeja Nag 9C

3rd Place: Mukannai Salohiddin & Jamila Ismatulloeva 11A

Project Presentation

1st Place: Yasemin Vural & Necla Yaman 9C

2nd Place: Cemile  Balkash & Nihan Chelik

3rd Place: Sitora Davlatova & Sarvinoz Mahmudova 10A


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