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From South Africa to Tajikistan: One-on-One interview with Rina Van Janse Rensburg, an English Teacher at Primary School

From South Africa to Tajikistan: One-on-One interview with Rina Van Janse Rensburg, an English Teacher at Primary School 6 Dec 2011
About Dushanbe:
“I love living in Dushanbe. It is such a green, peaceful and beautiful city. Tajik people are amiable, hospitable and very friendly. The unique feature of Tajik people is that they are willing to help you even though they might not know you well. Life is so calm here. The streets are not very crowded and there is no big rush among the people. At the bazaars you can always find fresh fruits and vegetables of excellent taste”.

Travelling across Tajikistan:
The mountains in Tajikistan are just gorgeous. I and my husband love visiting mountains. We usually try to travel across Tajikistan when we get some free time. I plan on hiking as there are some magnificent hiking possibilities in the mountains of Tajikistan. Besides the mountains I like visiting Tajik villages watching the life of rural people. So far I have been to Khujand (the Northern capital of Tajikistan and its cultural center), Kurganteppe (major city on the South of Tajikistan), Jirgital and Hisor. I was especially amazed by the Hisor Castle because I like history. Tajikistan has several good historical museums that present good exhibits of Tajik history. I think that there are a lot of undiscovered places in the deepness of Tajik mountains. This makes Tajikistan a great place to visit. I encourage everyone to come visit Tajikistan because I know everyone would like it.

About South Africa, friends and family:   
My family lives in South Africa while I and my husband stay in Tajikistan. I usually visit my family in South Africa during my summer break. A couple of years ago we hosted visitors from Hawaii. My friends loved Tajikistan as we took them for sightseeing and showed them the gorgeous nature of Tajikistan. One of my friends said that Tajik grapes were the sweetest ones she has ever tasted.

About Dushanbe International School
I think children at DIS get a great opportunity to learn English. The school teachers are very dedicated and professional. They consider quality education for children as their main priority. Mr. Maruf (the Head of Primary School) does an excellent job. I can feel an ‘open door’ between him and the teachers. He always understands our needs and always ready to help us. I also like the great variety of technical facilities provided by school. 

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