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The Teacher of the Universal Language.

The Teacher of the Universal Language. 2 Nov 2011

Nina Bobokalonova is a performing arts teacher at the DIS kindergarten. Bokalonova incorporates different art genres in her lessons. “We dance, sing songs in four languages and set up short plays during our lessons,” she said. Bobokalonova told that most of the songs they sing during her lessons were written by her. Mrs. Bobokalonova has been working at the kindergarten for three years and shared her opinion about her experience.

kindergarten lessons“It is my third year at this kindergarten and I have never had any complaints about it,” she said. “It is my pleasure working with the children of different nationalities.” 

Bobokalonova thinks that every child is individual and that she tries to “find a key to the heart of every child.” Despite the fact that the children at the kindergarten speak different languages, Bobokalonova said that she has found a “common tongue” with the children. “Music is an art with no borders,” she added. As the part of music lessons, the children take part in special programs which are being held at the end of every quarter. “We prepare special dances, learn and sing special songs and recite special poems dedicated to a particular season”, explained Bobokalonova.

Teacher Bobokalonova also expressed her satisfaction with the financial support provided by the DIS. “I can be as creative as I want to be”, she said, “the facilities provided by DIS let me realize my creative ideas. It is such a wonderful place to work in.”

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