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Harvard  Model Congress Asia Jan 9, 2018 Harvard Model Congress Asia
About Harvard Model Congress Asia Harvard Model Congress Asia is an immersive educational simulation of the American government and intergovernmental organizations. Our 14th session will take place January 4-7, 2018 in Hong Kong. Hundreds of delegates from high schools around the world will come to Hong Kong and work together to address numerous challenges facing both the American and the international community. At HMCA, students will discuss issues, draft policy, and attempt to pass legislation by the end of the conference. 

Intellectuals Challenge Jan 8, 2018 Intellectuals Challenge
What is The Intellectuals’ Challenge? The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC) is an exciting international competition for students aged 14 to 18. We aim to inspire intellectual curiosity in every young mind. Over four days, students come together at the University of Cambridge to participate in a series of team and individual challenges revolving around a central theme. This year’s theme is “Failure: The Road to Success”.

Dazzling Success Abroad May 26, 2012 Dazzling Success Abroad
Dushanbe International School students came back from Bucharest, Romania with pride in hearts and gold in hands conquering two gold and two silver medals at International Computer Project Competition INFOMATRIX - 2012 in Bucharest, Romania.

The students of DIS participate in the INFOMATRIX for several years in a row, however, recent accomplishment overshadows previous ones as the Tajik Flag was raised above the others signilizing the absolute triumph of Tajik students.

Thirteen-year-old Somon Emomali Rahmon, the son of Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon along with another DIS student Isrofil Ismoilov achieved gold medals in Programming Category presenting their electronic dictionary 'Kalima'.  

Dushanbe International School Primary Section Navruz Program Photopage Mar 28, 2012 Dushanbe International School Primary Section Navruz Program Photopage

This year the teachers and students of DIS Primary Section prepared the separate Navruz Program. The program lasted for 3 days presenting the opportunity to all Primary School Students to perform on a stage. Parents were invited to watch the show as well as to taste a great variety of Navruz meals. Some prominent Tajik pop starts attended the program. Among them were Shabnami Surayo, Sirojiddin Fozilov, Sadriddini Najmidin and Nigina Amonkulova. The program incorporated dance and song concerts, theater plays, international greetings and entertaining games.

See the Photopage of The Dushanbe International School  Primary Section Navruz Program. 

A splendid tour to the USA and Turkey Jan 26, 2012 A splendid tour to the USA and Turkey
The Dushanbe International School administration arranged a winter tour for the students of Primary Section. Primary School teachers Engin Yigit and Ashurali Ermatov guided the group of seven students during the trip. The sightseeing tour incorporated  many prominent cities including Los Angeles and Orange County, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; New York, New Jersey, Washington DC Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Istanbul, Turkey.   

From South Africa to Tajikistan: One-on-One interview with Rina Van Janse Rensburg, an English Teacher at Primary School Dec 6, 2011 From South Africa to Tajikistan: One-on-One interview with Rina Van Janse Rensburg, an English Teacher at Primary School

Rina Janse Van Rensburg, an English teacher for grades 2, has lived in Tajikistan for six years three of which she has spent at Dushanbe International Primary School. Originally born in South Africa Van Rensburg has perfectly adapted to Tajik culture and lifestyle. Van Rensburg enjoys Tajik hospitality, traditions and nature. While on her break she likes travelling across Tajikistan and visiting Tajik marketplaces. She never requests any help from interpreters as she possesses remarkable Tajik language skills. Moreover she helps other foreign teachers serving as a Tajik-English linguist when needed. “Mrs. Rina is a wise teacher and a wonderful person,” said Maruf Chelebi, the Head of Primary School. “Her professional approach and leadership skills serve as a splendid example for other teachers.” At the school she has the reputation of a “kind and wise” teacher. She conducts her lessons combining learning lectures with games, songs and interactive discussions.

 The Art Competition at The Embassy Of India Nov 14, 2011 The Art Competition at The Embassy Of India

On Tuesday, November 14, the students of Dushanbe International School took part in the Art Competition at the Embassy of India. Mehran Akbar Rahmatulla, Sitora Davlatova, Navid Kazizoda, Malika Usmonova, Malika Yusupova, Amin Gaybulloev, Farangiz Matiar Khan and Diana Urdyakova represented the Primary School at the competition. The participants had drawn their artworks on specific topics and submitted them for the evaluation of the jurors. Early on Wednesday, November 15 the results were announced. Aziza Kosimova of class 8 ‘B’ of Dushanbe International Secondary School received the Third Prize for her landscape. In addition to Kosimova’s success the pupils of Dushanbe International Primary School Sitora Davlatova, Arnav Pant and Diana Urdyakova were awarded consolation prizes.  

The Teacher of the Universal Language. Nov 2, 2011 The Teacher of the Universal Language.
Nina Bobokalonova is a performing arts teacher at the DIS kindergarten. Bokalonova incorporates different art genres in her lessons. “We dance, sing songs in four languages and set up short plays during our lessons,” she said. Bobokalonova told that most of the songs they sing during her lessons were written by her. Mrs. Bobokalonova has been working at the kindergarten for three years and shared her opinion about her experience.