Extra-curricular activities in kindergarten

The kindergarten combines different activities from which children learn and have fun at the same time. These activities are intended to improve children’s outlook, enhance their learning skills and entertain their minds. Some of the activities include field trips to local Zoo, Botanical Garden, museums and theatres. We also take the children to local entertaining facilities such as “Madagascar” or “Aladdin” to have fun. The administration of the DIS also practices organizing Puppet Shows at the Kindergarten. In addition to aforementioned activities, the teachers conduct dozen other activities which help the kids to enjoy their time. The school also conducts home visits to inform child’s behavior in details. Home visit policy builds trust between parents, teachers, and children. We also celebrate different festivals throughout the year that brings families of the kindergarten community closer to each other. Some of our favorites are Autumn Program, National Flag Day, Winter Program, Mother’s Day, Navruz, and Graduation. Other special events are Sports Day, Color Days, etc.