Extra-curricular activities in primary school

“The Independence Day” performance, Classes picnics on Saturdays, “Rudaki Day” performance, “Mevlana Day” performance and General Knowledge Competition, Best poem competition, “Teachers’ Day” performance, “Self-control – Educational Leadership Action”, Classes 7 out-of-city Activity at “Yavroz” Camp, Girls Council Meeting dedicated by UN “International Girls Day”, Educational Excursion to National Library , Educational meeting with children poets, “Diwali” Performance, Educational Excursion to the Textile Factory, “Mehrgon Celebration”- performance, Classroom Flowers Competition, “Constitution Day” performance, Azerbaijan National Flag Day performance, Educational Excursion to the President Guard Military Base for boys, dedicated by “The Republic of Tajikistan Constitution Day ”, “World Science Day for Peace and Development” performance, Educational Excursion to the Museum of Zoology, Educational Excursion to the Hissar Observatory, “World Kindness Day” activity at Children Home, “Siti-Go-San” Children Day in Japan performance, Taekwondo Examination, International Day for Tolerance Poster Competition, “President Day” in Tajikistan performance, “Bal Divas” Children Day in India (14.11) Art Competition, World Hello Day performance, Educational Excursion to the Dushanbe Power Station, Circus Performance for Primary School, “The Republic of Tajikistan National Flag Day ” performance, Birds Competition, Football, Volleyball and Basketball tournaments, Computer Graphic works Exhibition dedicated by World Computer Graphic Day, Theatre performance for Primary School, UN International Day to Assist the Poor Activities, Music Clubs Annual Performance, Table Tennis Tournament, Kid Inventors’ Day activities, Educational Excursion to the National Museum, “Republic Day of India” performances, Educational Excursion to the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, “Maslenitsa” Festival, Visit to the “Mayakovsky” Theatre performance, Visit to the Opera and Ballet Theatre performance, UN “International Mother Language Day”, Men’s Day performance, Women’s Day performance, Drama Week, “International π Day” performance, Navruz Festival, Tree Planting Day, Educational Excursion to the Hissar Castle, Flowers planting Day, Annual Table Tennis Tournament among Embassies, Educational Excursion to the Mirzo Tursunzade Home-Museum, UN English Language Day, Educational Excursion to the Sadriddin Ayni Home-Museum, Sport Tournaments, Victory Day performance, Excursion to the Botanic Garden, Educational Excursion to Opera and Ballet Theatre, Educational Excursion to Gurminj Zavkibekov Home-Museum, Day of rebirth, unity and Makhtumkuli’s poetry in Turkmenistan performance.