Educational Objectives

We promote educational opportunities for students through the medium of the Tajik and English languages. Russian is taught as an additional language. We also offer after school clubs such as language acquisition courses, sport activities, music and etc. Our pupils are a mixture of Tajik and other nationalities who are either permanent or temporary residents of the Republic of Tajikistan. Thus we fully appreciate that our students are drawn from a multitude of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. We therefore seek to provide a secular education that reflects and takes advantage of this diversity by embracing the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship. THE SCHOOL ’S COMMITMENT IN SHAPING INTERNATIONALLY MINDED (GLOBALLY AWARE) STUDENTS. The School is highly committed to educate globally aware students. First of all, the medium of education is in English. Also, state language and other world languages such us Russian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Turkish are offered as optional for the students. In addition, we offer Cambridge International curriculum including examinations such as Cambridge International Examination. The curriculum is designed in accordance with a cultural and regional sensitivity. Moreover, the school welcomes all nationalities and have students from fifteen nationalities. Our school recruits teachers from different parts of the world with different backgrounds. This multinational community of the School has been a unique characteristic of the school in the region. There are many in/out of school activities as well as international tours which foster internationalism among students and help them to develop tolerance and healthy communication throughout their life.