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Primary School Activities

The Staff of Primary School puts numerous efforts seeking out different talents inside the students. With initiative and consent of Maruf Chelebi, the Head of Primary School, various social and academic extracurricular clubs were launched in the school. The sole purpose of these clubs is to find out and develop students’ natural gifts encouraging them to take a direct part in social life of the school. Currently there are eight functioning clubs in the school. These are Journalism, Theater, Science, Piano, Violin, Drum, Dance and Girls clubs. It is worth mentioning that The “Young Journalist” informational magazine, the publication of Dushanbe International Primary School, is the product of the Journalism Club. (For more details regarding clubs activities click on “Clubs” sub-section).

primary 3 For those students who experience difficulties at the lessons there is a good opportunity to attend Extra Lessons. A student of any grade can attend Extra Lessons upon teacher’s or parent’s request form. The teachers of DIS Primary offer extra lesson on the following subjects: English, Math, Science, Tajik and Russian.

Throughout an academic the school calendar incorporates a number of weeks and days for different competitions, fairs, assembly programs, group presentations, celebrations and other cultural programs. Some of the most significant are Language Weeks, Sports Weeks, Science and Art Fairs, Performing Arts Programs and the special festivals dedicated to holiday celebrations (such as Navruz, International Women Day and others).

(You can see up-to-date information about ongoing school events and activities by clicking on “News” section).


In addition to those activities which are held within the school there are many outdoor activities organized by the DIS staff. The DIS Primary teachers arrange the visits to Dushanbe Public Zoo, The Museum of National History, Dushanbe Botanical Garden and national theaters. While such sort of visits help the students learn a lot about Tajik history, nature and culture , the field trips and outdoor picnics carry on the atmosphere of fun and amusement. Field trips are primarily held in countryside, among the gorgeous mountains and fast-flouring rivers of Tajikistan. Sometimes DIS teachers arrange picnics in school vicinity having group talks and playing different games with their students. During winter and summer breaks the DIS administration organizes trips to foreign countries. For past five years the students of Primary Schools have visited such countries as England, Turkey and USA. Such trips are thoroughly planned and organized in advance by the DIS administration. Two or more teachers accompany the students in such trips following approved itinerary. The aim of the abroad trips is to diversify the students’ outlook and to get unforgettable recollections about school years.

(To check up on the latest visits, field and abroad trips, and to see the details regarding terms and conditions of the trips abroad see “News” and “Announcements” sections)