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Primary School Facilities

The Dushanbe International School Primary Section is equipped with all proper technical, safety, wellness and recreational equipment to maintain a favorable educational flow.

Technical equipment

pic257.jpgThe DIS Primary Section consists of one main building and three supplementary buildings. The main building incorporates two floors filled with classrooms for grades 1 through 3. The first floor of the main building contains classrooms, the teachers’ room, the Information Technology classroom and the photocopy room. The teacher’s room is equipped appropriately with respect to teachers’ needs. This room is being used for lessons preparation, Internet access or leisure. Several computers, tables and bookshelves and a printing machine are provided for teachers’ use. IT classroom, located right by the teachers’ room, has all indispensible technical items including computers, TV monitor and, note panel and loudspeakers. Two large photocopy machines along with digital printers are set up at the photocopy room where the staff of Primary School can scan, print or copy appropriate materials. The main administrational office is located on second with separate rooms for the Head of Primary School and a secretary. Long corridors decorated with various products of drawing art connect the classrooms of the main building. The drawings on the walls reflect the international nature of the school. The children of different nation holding each other hands represent the school’s policy of international friendship, mutual respect, national tolerance and peace. Along with announcements, notifications and students’ works the photos of the most distinguished students are attached to the wall panels. The school library is conveniently located on second floor. Both academic and story book can be found on the bookshelves of school’s library. The variety of school’s literature has been significantly supplied by popular study books brought from abroad, the publications the Longman, Ginn, Heinemann series as well as the products of Cambridge and Oxford Press. There are several restrooms, two changing rooms and a storeroom located on both floors. Because of growing popularity of Dushanbe International School, the school administration decided to add two new supplementary building blocks for the purpose of creating better conditions for students. These two new buildings provided additional classrooms for grades 4 and 5. All classrooms are equipped with all items necessary to provide a smooth and comfortable environment. Chalkboards, different charts and illustrations, TV monitors, computers and CD players facilitate for better learning process.

Security and Medical Facilities

pic407.jpgStudent’s safety is a main priority for Dushanbe International School. For this purpose a regular monitoring system is installed outside of the school. The monitoring cameras are installed in proper angles keeping track of all activities going on in the school. Security room is located right by the main entrance and no strangers are allowed to school without permission. Security personnel replace each other according to their duty days so that the school is never left unattended. Right next to the security room the doctor’s office takes place providing medical aid for the students in case of emergency. The doctor’s office is supplied with first-aid medicine needed for prompt treatment and reflects all standards of sanitation. Not only do the school doctors provide medical treatment for the students but they also watch for food value. The large dining room is decorated with drawings of famous cartoon heroes adding more appeal to the building. Inside the dining room there is a long row of tables for dine. Fresh and tasty meals are brought directly from the kitchen of Secondary School.

Recreational Facilities

pic075.jpgThe DIS staff cares for students’ well-being recognizing student’s need for extracurricular entertainment. The outdoor mini-football field is located behind the main building and serves as a main “battleground” for those who share passion for football. Besides the football field there is the basketball playground with two baskets decorated with the pictures of Michael Jordan. Demonstrating their artistic potential the students of DIS Primary have painted the backside walls of the school turning the dominant grey ornament of school into the colorful and lively home of different pictures. Besides aforementioned sports facilities there is another playing ground in front of the main building. New playing equipment has been mounted recently creating more playing facilities for the students.