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Secondary School Facilities

Technical Facilities

Dushanbe International Secondary School campus consists of the three-floor main building, a large dining hall and a small conference hall. There also is a basketball playground outside. The main building consists of three floors with the Administration Office being located on the first one.  In the secondary school building there is a cabinet system where each teacher has hi/her own classroom equipped with the wide range of teaching materials.008(2).JPG Every classroom is equipped with an HD TV, a personal computer, loudspeakers, and a smart board. The smart boards in DIS classrooms serve as a vivid indicator of advanced technologies being integrated for the purpose of providing better education. The polls conducted in the school demonstrate that student highly favor the use of smart boards as they facilitate for a better comprehension of study materials. All classes are connected to office network system and each class has an access to Internet anytime. The IT room staff on the second floor watch for constant network and Internet connection maintenance. A big photocopy machine in the IT room is being used by teachers and students for copying and scanning school-related materials. Physics, Biology and Chemistry laboratories are equipped with all indispensible materials including laboratory apparatuses, microscopes and special tables with electric output and various indicators. A large dining hall is placed separately from the main building. The personnel of school kitchen serve the students while they have their lucnh in the dining hall. The school meal plan includes only fresh, tasty and healthy food. All the meals are cooked under the supervision of dietitians. Students may also purchase some snacks, toasts and cold & hot beverages at school’s canteen. The conference hall is located on the second floor, above the dining hall. The conference hall is primarily being used for                               

Picture013.jpggraduation parties, group discussions and other sort of public ceremonies.  A large sports hall is located on first floor. This sports hall serves as a DIS Basketbal and Volleyball teams home arena. The footbal field is located in Primary School where DIS students play their football matches. Separate restrooms for male and female students are located on first floor while personnel restrooms take place on second floor. There also are separate personnel and maitenance rooms. Teachers can relax and have a short meal at an extensive teachers room. The school library contains mor than 1000 different books, magazines and n

ewspapers. The reading hall, which is located next to the library always stays calm and comfortable so that nothing can disrupt reading process. DIS teachers and students can have a free WiFi access as it is provided by the school.  All the classrooms were designed according to the specifications of the subjects being taught inside. 


Security Facilities

Picture009.jpgDushanbe International School is considered one of the most secure schools in Tajikistan. The security office is located right next to the entrance gates watching for school’s safety. The security personnel work 24 hours every day replacing each other according to their duty days so that the school is never left unattended. No person with the exception of the students, school staff and special guests is allowed to enter the school without relevant request or permission. School staff and students use a magnetic ID card for entering the school.  The regular surveillance system with 16 cameras outside and inside the school is installed to maintain a regular monitoring and recording of all activities within the school vicinity.