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Welcome to Dushanbe International School’s alumni friendship football cup.
As a DIS Family, we cordially invite you to participate in Dushanbe International School Alumni football festival at FRUNZE.
Dushanbe International School Alumni friendship football cup 2014 is a FUN football tournament for our alumni. Through this event we hope to raise awareness of sportsmanship and to socialize between our alumni. Alumni friendship football cup is to have fun and enjoy playing football. Even if you don’t take away a trophy, we hope you will take away happy memories of a fantastic football and friendship.

Read more for general information and rules...

Welcome to Navruz 15 Mar 2014 Welcome to Navruz
Every season of the year is special. The season in which the world revives and the life is filled with colors is spring. Navruz which means “new day” is a special spring holiday celebrated by the Tajik nation as a national holiday since ages and since September 30th 2009 has been included in the list of international holidays. During this amazing holiday people visit their relatives, make “dastarkhan” (table) and wait for the guests. There is a rule of “7 sin – 7 shin” which says that on your “dastarkhan” you must have 7 elements naming on “s” and “sh” of the Persian alphabet. Moreover there are lots of Spring sports that take place during Navruz such as “Buzkashi”, Jumping over the fire and others.
You are lucky to be in the heart of the Navruz festival this year!
Dushanbe International School welcomes you to the International Day of Navruz which will be held on March 19 at 11:00 in the school yard. You will have a great opportunity to taste international food as well as to encounter new people of different nationalities and culture. Don’t miss your chance to try a wide range of food and being a witness of many details of this special holiday.

News Feeds

Football Tournament Apr 12, 2014 Football Tournament
DIS organizes a Football tournament for the students which will be held on Saturday, 19th of April 2014 at "Frunze" Stadium.

Girls Volleyball Tournament Apr 12, 2014 Girls Volleyball Tournament
DIS invites you to the DIS VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT which will be held on April 19th at DIS Sports Hall.

DIS Prides Apr 12, 2014 DIS Prides
Here they are, our DIS bright minded students!!!
DIS motivates its students to study hard and do their best. In DIS students are awarded for their study! This is a new way of motivation, new aproach of our skilled and experienced teachers and assistants in encouraging students.

Friendly Volleyball Apr 12, 2014 Friendly Volleyball
To become more close, to make a better friendship, teachers organized a volleyball tournament among students and teachers. There were 8 volleyball teams: Almeria, CSKA Moscow, DIS Power, Olympiacos, VIP Madrid, New Era, London and Milan. Each team was well-prepared for the game. The games took place at DIS Gym and last 6 days from 1st till 8th of April. The two best teams Almeria and Milan encountered in the final game on 8th of April. The winner was Milan team.

Sports at DIS Mar 3, 2014 Sports at DIS
At the Dushanbe International School you will NEVER get bored. DIS teachers not only pay attention to their student's classroom accomplishments, but also care for the DIS student's physical health.
TABLE TENNIS and ARM WRESTLING competitions took place during the month of February and many students participated.
The Champions were awarded certificates, but all who took part were justly rewarded.