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Harvard  Model Congress Asia Jan 9, 2018 Harvard Model Congress Asia
About Harvard Model Congress Asia Harvard Model Congress Asia is an immersive educational simulation of the American government and intergovernmental organizations. Our 14th session will take place January 4-7, 2018 in Hong Kong. Hundreds of delegates from high schools around the world will come to Hong Kong and work together to address numerous challenges facing both the American and the international community. At HMCA, students will discuss issues, draft policy, and attempt to pass legislation by the end of the conference. 

Intellectuals Challenge Jan 8, 2018 Intellectuals Challenge
What is The Intellectuals’ Challenge? The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC) is an exciting international competition for students aged 14 to 18. We aim to inspire intellectual curiosity in every young mind. Over four days, students come together at the University of Cambridge to participate in a series of team and individual challenges revolving around a central theme. This year’s theme is “Failure: The Road to Success”.

National Flag Day Celebration Nov 24, 2014 National Flag Day Celebration

Every 24th of November, the country celebrates the National Flag Day. As an educational institution it is only right for us to teach our students the meaning of this celebration and impart a little idea of patriotism of their little minds.

Book's week at DIS ... Oct 7, 2014 Book's week at DIS ...
There is a Book’s week at DIS Secondary between Saturday, October 7 and Friday, October 10, 2014 called “Аниси кунҷи танҳоӣ китоб аст”.

DIS Prides Apr 12, 2014 DIS Prides
Here they are, our DIS bright minded students!!!
DIS motivates its students to study hard and do their best. In DIS students are awarded for their study! This is a new way of motivation, new aproach of our skilled and experienced teachers and assistants in encouraging students.