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Biology Week 1 Dec 2014 Biology Week

We would like to invite you to Biology Week…                                                This year Biology Week is starting from 1st – 5th of December, organised by DIS Teachers. Events that our Biology Teachers have created give everyone the chance to learn about biology, the science of the 21st Century.

Streetball competition. 28 Oct 2014 Streetball competition.

We are about to start streetball tournament at our school. It is going to start on 1st of November. We are inviting students (between 6-11 grades) take a part in this competition and be winner of interesting prizes and certificates.

News Feeds

Chinese Spring Festival Feb 26, 2015 Chinese Spring Festival
On 26th, February 2015, our teacher of Chinese language Mr. Pan Bo held an activity to celebrate the Chinese Spring FestivaL - "Fasting" Chinese Spring Festival, let's make Rice Dumplings. Mr. Pan showed to the teachers and students how to make the Chinese Spring Festival traditional food - Rice Dumplings.

National Flag Day Celebration Nov 24, 2014 National Flag Day Celebration

Every 24th of November, the country celebrates the National Flag Day. As an educational institution it is only right for us to teach our students the meaning of this celebration and impart a little idea of patriotism of their little minds.

“Sweet”competition during Law week Nov 4, 2014 “Sweet”competition during Law week

Dedicated to 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan 4th on of November at DIS has been covered Law week. According to this event our teachers have organized “cake competition” among the secondary students ...

Streetball Awards Nov 1, 2014 Streetball Awards

The 2nd Streetball tournament in which 20 teams of secondary students have participated successfully held on Saturday, 1st of November 2014. The tournament lasts one day identifying the winner team at the end of the day. Tournament was consisted of 2 categories, (Gr. 6-7-8 and Gr. 9-10-11).

These are our school Champions …

Physics week ... Oct 27, 2014 Physics week ...

There have been amazing “angry bird” competitions among the students at school last week between October 27 and 31. The students designed plenty of machines and constructed them ...